BILLION MATCH is formed in 2010’s, providing consulting, taxation, assurance and accounting outsourcing solutions to businesses, government entities, not-for-profit organizations and individuals.

At BILLION MATCH, we understand you want an advisor who can provide more than just accounting solutions. Our CPAs and advisors offer specialized skills and expertise, as well as the winning attitude, character and communication skills necessary to help clients achieve their objectives. Accounting for numbers—accurately, objectively and with integrity—is at the heart of our business. But we are also professional, prepared, attentive and ready to deliver our services with PRIDE: passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence.

BILLION MATCH is a trusted, CPA & advisory firm that understands your business and delivers the resources you need with a service style you’ll value.

Our clients operate in every sector of the economy, from newly established enterprises to listed companies and international organizations, from tranditional industries to nowadays internet + services providers.

BILLION MATCH believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success.


To facilitate our clients on their path to success. We don’t pick the path for our clients; instead we assist them to see their path and help them with solutions to keep on that path. We don’t define what success is for our clients, because for each client that definition is going to be different. We simply act as guides and lead them on their paths.