Pre-IPO Preparation


Companies consider an IPO have been held back by the fact that they lack the experience and expertise to handle the problems that might face on the way to complete a successful IPO. Especially, preparing the required financial information needs a great deal of effort and help from accounting advisors. Our company has extensive experience and capabilities to deal with the pre-IPO process in Hong Kong.


  • Have the ability to understand clients’ needs and deliver what is necessary in the pre-IPO process to clients efficiently
  • Possess the knowledge of local business practices and extensive experience
  • Can prove our quality of service as our management have a proven track record in successfully IPO process
  • Specialize in providing practical advice, assistance on decision making, technical accounting matters and compliance with regulations

We will lead you throughout the whole IPO process. Our services include:

  1. Pre-IPO Diagnosis
  • Identify issues which need to be resolved/ remedied before IPO
  • Determine if the business will meet the listing qualifications
  1. Pre-IPO Reorganization
  • Organize the group of companies into a suitable listing structure
  • Ensure the listing group will hold all assets, IPs and contractual rights to carry on its business
  • Inclusion/ exclusion of businesses
  1. Pre-IPO Investment
  • Introduce private equity investors/ strategic investors
  • Negotiate terms of investment

4. Kick-off

  • Confirm engagement of all professional parties
  • Circulate memorandum on publicity restrictions to all parties

5. Provide assistance on Sponsor’s Due Diligence

6. Prospectus Preparation

7. Assist in A1 Submission

8. Handle comments f rom the HKEx during the vetting process.